Get rid of measles with scalar wave treatment

A virus that causes infection of the respiratory system, the skin and the immune system is known as measles. The symptoms of measlesChakra Healing are rashes mainly in the mouth, fever and running nose. Measles is highly infectious and gets easily transmitted to another person either by direct touch by the infected person or through particles in the air spread due to the infected person’s respiration. Measles has no particular treatment. People normally recover with time if there are less complications. If the complication is more than measles can lead to pneumonia, which is a type of lung infection. It may also lead to bronchitis, which is a type of ear infection. If the complication of measles increases, it can also take lives. Small children are mainly the targeted patients who die of measles. Paracetamols are mainly given to reduce the pain and fever caused by measles. Nowadays usage of Vitamin A is being suggested as a treatment for measles.

scalar wave treatment are gravity waves that flow in perpendicular direction to the electromagnetic waves and provides an unexploited source of energy. The energy produced by these scalar waves are known as scalar energy. And this scalar energy breaks down the disease causing viruses, bacterias, pathogens in very small fragments which ultimately help in eliminating the disease from the root. The scalar energy ultimately gives strength to recover from the disease causing pathogens in a quick and painless manner. When the disease causing pathogen is broken into fragments the infection not only decreases, but it gets disappeared as the scalar energy works on the pathogens from its roots. The people who are using this scalar waves as a form of treatment are getting better and leading a healthy life day by day.


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