Find out more about Measles Treatment

Measles is an acutely contagious disease. It mostly occurs in children and is manifested in red spots erupted on the skin. It is also accompanies by catarrhal symptoms and fever. Also referred to as rubeola, this disease is quite serious. Pneumonia, ear infections and encephalitis can further complicate the problem. This virus can spread quite easily when a person infected from the disease comes in contact with other prople. Sneezing and coughing by the infected person can spread the disease at an alarming pace. Besides having red blotches all over the skin, the patient also suffers from a sore throat. People who have been once infected by measles never gets it again. This disease occurs due to a virus known as Paramyxovirus, which is usually active during spring and winter seasons. The virus attacks the body by entering inside through the conjunctiva or respiratory tract.

There are many home made remedies and Measles Treatment available. One can get immense relief from the measles symptoms by applying Garlic Oil on the infected areas. It would also curtail further infection. Drinking saffron infused milk also do wonders for the healing process. Yarrow and Lobelia can also be taken for ensuring speedy recovery from the problem. Many doctors recommend, drinking orange juice as it is considered quite beneficial. Drinking lemonade and barley water at frequent intervals can also offer a lot of relief in the condition. Measles is a serious condition. Infected people must stay away from other people of the family so as to avoid disease spreading to others.

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