Find Your Body Peace And Harmony With Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is an art which has been used since centuries to balance vital energy centers in the human body. There are different tools which are used in this method such as meditation and stones. The end result of this is a happier, healthier and peaceful body and mind.

There are 7 chakras in our bodies according to the practitioners of this art. These areas are responsible for spiritual, body and emotional aspects. These chakras form a line from spine base to head top. These chakras have their own vibration frequency, color and symbol. Root chakra is the first one which is found at the base of spine. It governs leg, spinal column, immune system, rectum and feet. When it is out of balance it leads to leg cramps, back pain, rectal conditions, varicose veins, depression and other immune disorders.

Chakra Healing
Chakra Healing

There are many vibrations which affect chakra and this where its balancing comes into play. Chakra stone, chant, the human voice, music, chakra meditation, mantras brings the chakra frequency back into vibration alignment. Chakra meditation is used to one center and it also improves positive energy flow in the body.

Chakra meditation you concentrate on each chakra starting with the one and coming up to the crown chakra. By imagining the flow of energy from chakra to another it will aid in removing blockages and also removes pain and diseases. Chakra healing energy is very effective and there are experienced healers who will employ different tools to assist you in finding harmonious vibrations.


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